Darlene (founder of GES)  and daughter Sia
"Green Empire St. was created to feel closer to ‘home’ and connected to nature"

Darlene migrated to Australia with her mama at the age of 11. Admittedly, seeking to understand the western culture and find her place as a Filipina migrant was a long and confusing journey for Darlene.

Nevertheless, it was the life-changing journey of motherhood that inspired her to start Green Empire St, an indoor plant store that started out of her two-bedroom apartment to make ends meet.

Darlene now proudly embraces the hustle, the struggle, and acceptance of life challenges, to make something out of nothing. These are some of the magical traits gifted from Darlene's Filipino heritage and those many matriarchal figures who have played an important role in her development. And like the many women who have supported her through her journey, she now uses Green Empire St as a space to collaborate and support local makers, artists, and creatives.


"To think that this little dream of mine all began when I started selling my plants out of my two-bedroom apartment to make ends meet always humbles me. It goes to show that yes, it is true that 'difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.' " - Darlene (founder of GES) 






Sia Asovale

GES Muse | Plant Apprentice  


Darlene Ladio

Founder of GES | Plant Nanay



Lauren Nguyen

Chief Operating Officer | Creative Green Thumb